Best Pocket Pouches for People Who Don’t Prefer Pocket Protectors

The poor pocket protector — invented during World War II by Hurley Smith, they were initially made from PVC bankbook sleeves and were intended to prevent staining and tearing from pens and pencils. From those noble beginnings they morphed in to universal shorthand for nerd. While the original pocket protector has never come back in to style, pocket organizers are very much a modern take on the original.

Pocket organizers or pocket pouches are, essentially, small kits for storing your everyday carry items securely. Calling them “pocket” anything is a bit of misnomer, as most of them (and all that we are featuring here today) are larger than most jacket or pants pockets. They are a good way to quickly store a backup of essential gear to be thrown in a glove compartment or backpack.

Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer

The Maxpedition organizer is made from 800-denier coated nylon, and has a main compartment of 3.5″ x 1″ x 5.5″, large enough to fit an iPhone, three slots for pens, two larger slots for flashlights or multitools and a loop for a spare key. It is water resistant and double stitched for durability. Long story short, the Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer will likely survive longer than anything you put in it and any bag or car you carry it in.


Rothco Canvas Utility Pouch/Wallet

The Rothco Canvas Utility Pouch is a much simpler affair than the Maxpedition — made of heavyweight cotton canvas and measuring 7″ x 6″ x 2″. It is water resistant, like the Maxpedition, but just contains a single internal pocket — ideal for items that you won’t mind moving around inside. It is large enough to hold two 7″ tablets, a pair of smart phones, and has a belt loop in case you want to attach the whole thing to your belt like an animal. Note, if you are intending to attach your pocket organizer to your belt, check out the Running Buddy.

Running Buddy – Buddy Pouch

The Running Buddy connects to any waistband with a fold-over design and is intended to hold a cell phone and any cash, tickets, cards or other small accessories you may need.

The side has a small zipper for accessing the headphone port and the entire design is water-resistant to keep sweat and rain away from your valuables. The fold-over design secures the pouch to your waistband with a magnetic closure, locking the pouch securely in place. If you’re a committed armband or fannypack user, give the Running Buddy a try.

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