Best EDC Belts

Belts. Belts have been used to prevent self-pantsing since at least the Bronze Age, but were not always as popular as they are today. In fact, the modern belt originated as part of military uniform — to give you a place to put your saber. In the 1920s, as fashion trended towards lower-waisted pants, the belt became a fixture in male fashion. Belt loops on pants became ubiquitous and children everywhere learned to fear their father’s belt — I’m looking at you, Joe Jackson

Today, belts are all but a requirement for anything more formal than casual wear and are about as everyday carry as can be. Every guy has had the experience of watching a cheap “genuine leather” belt slowly de-laminate and separate. We’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and found your best bets for solid everyday carry belts.

RattlerStrap Paracord Belt

The RattlerStrap Paracord EDC Belt is comprised of 80 feet of 550 lbs. nylon parachute cord. It is our bet that the ratio of paracord bracelets and belts that have been worn, to those that have actually been unwoven in a disaster situation, is probably something like a billion to one. Realistically, unless you are a bush pilot, hiking in the Andes, or on board Oceanic Flight 815, you probably are not going to run in to a situation where you need 80′ of paracord. But what if you do?

What we like about the RattlerStrap Paracord EDC Belt is that its durable, good looking, and won’t fall apart after a few weeks of use. Even if you never use it for its emergency purpose it is a smart way to keep your Jncos up.

Klik Belt – No Hole Design

One of the biggest problems with EDC belts and the gear you might strap to them is stretching and sagging. Klik Belt bills itself as the “World’s Strongest Belt” — and it just may be. Its made from nylon (read: seat belt material) and is designed to be adjusted for a perfect fit without bringing holes in to the mix. This means you can strap about as much crap to your belt as you can physically handle, without concern that your belt will sag or pop loose.

The Klik Belt comes with a lifetime guarantee — and with good reason, the strap is nylon and the buckle is aircraft aluminum.

Mission Belt Ratchet Belt

The Mission Belt Ratchet Belt is a leather belt that uses a ratcheting buckle mechanism, eliminating the need for holes. The tip of the belt is pushed through the buckle, where a lock holds it in place. Removing the belt is accomplished by pressing a small lever on the bottom of the buckle. This method not only prevents stretching, but permits you to cinch your belt down to the exact fit you want, rather than having to punch new holes — like an animal.

As an added benefit, $1 of every belt purchase goes to fight global hunger. I guess technically at least $1 from every purchase everywhere goes to fight global hunger, if the company’s employees get lunch, but this is an additional dollar.

Blackhawk! Rigger’s Belt

First, come on, the company name contains an exclamation point. That is what you call an invitation to adventure! I’m not sure if you’re a professional rigger, or just a rigger hobbyist — but in either event I have good news: there is a belt made just for you! The Blackhawk! Rigger’s Belt is made with parachute grade buckles and 7,000 lbs. nylon webbing! It uses a hook-and-loop buckle method, eliminating the potential stretching problem! It comes in four colors: Black! Olive Drab! Desert Sand Brown! and Coyote Tan!

Hanks Belt Concealed Carry Full Grain Leather Belt

Finally, if you are looking for something a bit more formal looking, Hanks Belt Concealed Carry is made of full grain 14 ounce leather — thats about 1/4″ thick. These are serious belts designed to hold a holster. Whether or not you are concealed carrying, a belt designed to hold an eight pound object without stretching or breaking is going to be a durable belt. The Hanks Belt comes with a 100 year warranty, so when it ultimately breaks in 2108 you’ll still have 9 years to track down Hank and shake him down for your belt money — just make sure he isn’t carrying.

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