5 Best Fidget Spinners 2017

Well it is about time we address the fidgeting elephant in the room. Fidget spinners burst on to the scene in 2017 and became, improbably, an everyday carry phenomenon. Not since the 1928 Hans Haupt pocket umbrella craze have we seen such interest in a new piece of kit. We’ll quickly go over explaining what a fidget spinner is (to the best of our ability) and then get down to the recommendations.

What the hell is a fidget spinner?

Fidget spinners are, at base, a bearing with some weights. They are members of a class of items known as useless machines and, as of this writing, there is no indication that they help relieve anxiety or are effective as a treatment against ADHD (despite advertisements to the contrary). The identity of the inventor of the fidget spinner remains shrouded in fidgeting mystery, but the first fidget spinner as we currently think of it was probably sold by Scott McCoskery as the Torqbar.

In any event, they are here and appear to be sticking around.

So getting one of these will fix my fidgeting?

Only in the sense that handing someone playing air guitar an actual guitar would “fix” their air guitaring. There is no indication that any claims for positive health effects are backed by science.

5 Best Fidget Spinners

First, it is probably worth defining “best.” Fidget spinners are simple devices, so there isn’t a lot of variety with regards to basic construction. What sets one spinner apart from another comes down to type and quality of materials used. Thus, for our “best” picks we are choosing those that are built most durably and spin for the longest period of time. For this reason we are not including any plastic 3d printed models, which are typically cheaper but prove less durable.

7D Customs – TRI-Spinner

The 7D TRI-Spinner has fused bearings. I know what you’re thinking — oh, oh, well! About time my fidget spinner had fused bearings! — yeah, in as much as anything involving these devices can be, fused bearings are actually kind of important. The bearings are the wheels-within-wheels that permit the spinner to, well, spin. If they aren’t fused, they can easily accumulate dust and grime for your pocket, or the occasional drop, and the friction will reduce the spin. Also, presumably, over time any detritus that gets between the bearings would hasten their wearing out. The only thing more frivolous then spending money on a fidget spinner would be spending money on a replacement fidget spinner because you blew the other one out.

Zekpro – 360 Spinner with EBOOK

I know, I know, we had you at EBOOK — because Zekpro has figured out that the fidget spinner market is clamoring for reading material. The spinner is made from titanium alloy and can maintain a spin for more than 4 minutes — the longest of any we could find. The marketing material for the Zekpro 360 Spinner promises it will help bring out your genius, be your pocket buddy, and comes with a money back guarantee.

Not to mention, they put the instructions right there in the product description so you can decide whether you are ready for this kind of commitment:

Simply hold this spinner in one hand then use your other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. It’ll take a little bit of practice to get some decent action going, but it’s super easy to happen plus you’ll be thrilled by the fast, length spins.

Raptor Fidget Spinners – R1 V2

This is the much-anticipated update to the Raptor Fidget Spinner – R1 V2 which you may have seen footage of on CSPAN. That was the one that started to take off, looked like it was heading for the Sea of Japan, but ultimately blew up just over the launch pad.

The R1 V2 has ceramic bearings, an ABS body, and comes with a money back guarantee. Ceramic bearings are thought to be more durable in the long term — we’ll see after a few more hundred thousand spins.

Toplay Fidget Spinner

The Toplay Fidget Spinner also comes with ceramic bearings and a removable cap for the finger hold, for cleaning. The Toplay is a good, low-cost option, but it is quite a bit louder than the other models — so if you plan on fidget spinning during class or Congressional testimony, above models may be a better bet.



WeFidget MINI Hand Spinner

If you’re looking for a more compact spinner option — or if you just hate the triangle — take a look at the WeFidget Original MINI Hand Spinner. This spinner is significantly smaller than the other picks, and shaped more like a bar of soap. WeFidget claims that it is perfect for “discrete fidgeting” — we are just going to take their word on that.

Owing perhaps to its shape, the WeFidget can spin for up to 7 minutes and has bearings that can be replaced. It feels heavy in the hand and generally seems like a more durably designed product.


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