Brass EDC

Brass. Made from the holy matrimony of copper and zinc, its durability and workability has made it a fixture in tool, instrument and zipper use since the medieval period. (Well not in zippers, those came later). Brass also has antimicrobial properties, which makes it useful in environments where frequent handling could lead to the transmission of pathogens. It also develops a pretty cool patina.

For all of the above reasons, brass is a popular choice for an everyday carry. As it oxidizes and its color is shaped by your use, you will develop gear that is unique to you. Here are some best bets for starting a brass carry.

The Flashlight

The Olight i3S is a brass mini keychain flashlight that runs on a single AAA battery. It can provide up to 180 lumens and comes with a warranty. It is coated with titanium to minimize scratching, so developing a patina will take longer than with a raw brass flashlight, but the tradeoff is worth it as the Cree XP-L LED really is among the best you can get in a small form factor light. The runtimes are ~4 hours on high, 10 hours on medium and 96 hours on low. Using a NiMH battery (not included) you can get ~4 hours on high, 12.5 hrs on medium, and 132 hrs on low.

The Multitool

The Griffin Pocket Multi Tool is a different twist on an old favorite. Not as full-featured as a Leatherman or Gerber, it is intended to take up as little space in your pocket as possible while still providing you with the essentials: a bottle opener, a pocket clip, a flat head screwdriver, a scoring tool, a pry tool and hex wrenches (1/4″ bit driver and wrench, 5/16″ hex wrench and 11/32″ hex wrench). It features a pocket clip to help keep your keys in place and has an edge that is sharp enough to act as a box opener — a great way to easily get a few frequently-scoured-for tools in your pocket with minimal bulk.

The Pen

Brass is an especially nice choice for a pen, as exposure to the sweat of your hands will quickly form a unique patina. The Karas Kustoms Bolt Machined Brass Pen is machine from a solid piece of C360 brass. C360 brass is used for heavy industrial parts owing to its workability and ability to be machined to a high polish. Karas Kustoms uses these properties to great effect, creating a pen that is not only functional, but quite frankly a work of art. Add to that the fact that it takes a Parker or Fisher Space Pen refill and you have a permanent addition to your carry.

The Money Clip

What are you going to use to keep your cash? A brass wallet? The Sovereign-Gear Brass Money Clip is a quick and easy (and cheap!) way to continue your brass carry through to your cash pocket.

The Watch

Are there better watches than the Timex Weekender? Certainly. Are there better values in watches than the Timex Weekender? We don’t think so. The Weekender has become a fixture in watch circles as a quality low-cost entry level option. The antique brass Weekender has three chronograph subdials in a 40 mm brass case with an Indiglo light-up dial. The band that comes with the watch is a leather band with a buckle closure (we recommend upgrading the strap).

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