How to Find the Best EDC Deals on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon’s Prime Day 2017 begins July 10, 2017 at 9PM ET and runs through July 11th (the actual prime day being the 11th). Finding the best everyday carry deals on Amazon Prime Day will take equal parts luck and preparation.

Be a Prime Member

First and foremost, in order to take advantage of Prime Day you will need to be a Prime member. Sign up now if you haven’t already. Use the code “10PRIMEDAY” to get $10 off your first order.

Some Best Bets

Here are some early-released best bets, prices for Prime Day will go live on Monday, July 10th at 9PM ETC — so set your reminders now!

Stay Plugged In and get Amazon Assistant

Amazon has been pushing their devices, and Alexa as a virtual assistant, pretty hard. As such there will be some deals exclusive to the Alexa app (iOS / Android) and the Echo devices (which will themselves be $50 off). Get the apps and check in with your Echo devices throughout the day (“Alexa! What are your deals?”). Amazon has also released a browser extension, “Amazon Assistant,” for assisting customers in finding and tracking deals.

Voice Shopping for Prime Day Deals will start 2 hours earlier at 7PM ET — an exclusive option for owners of Alexa-powered devices.

Ensure it is Really a Deal

There will be items listed for sale on Amazon Prime Day that are “marked down” or otherwise listed as deals that are not actually deals. Be savvy, be smart. Get the Camelizer extension for your browser that can tell you the historical price of any Amazon item. Ensure that great new flashlight is indeed at a historic low price before you pull the trigger.


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