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Update 7/10/2017: The Nintendo Switch with grey Joy-Con is now back in stock at Amazon.

For almost a decade now, the EDC gamer gadget of choice has been the smart phone. Nintendo’s latest foray in to the console market, the portable Switch, has been reigniting gamer’s passions for purpose-built portable gaming consoles (owing in no small part to its featured release, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild).

As veteran EDC’rs can attest, adding another gadget to your kit almost always means adding a host of cable, external battery, and case bulk to your bag. Unfortunately, the switch is no exception. However, with some careful choosing, you can choose the battery pack and earbuds that provide the most bang for the ounce and a case that will keep you in the game wherever the day may take you.

Battery Pack

Unfortunately, the battery on the Switch is not at all-day-play levels. The Jackery Titan S with USB-C is the best battery pack for the Switch, with 20100mAh it can carry enough juice to recharge the Switch a hair over four times. That amount of power doesn’t come lightly, though, and the Jackery Titan S weighs 15.36 ounces which is about 4x the iPhone 7 — probably not noticed in a bag, but not something you will want to tuck in your pants pocket on a regular basis.



Luckily for Switch owners, Nintendo has not decided to jettison the mini-RCA plug to shed weight (I’m looking at you, Apple!). This means that the world (read: the earbud world) is your oyster (read: available to you). If cost is not an option, the best earbuds for your Switch are going to be the Bang & Olufsen PLAY H3 series. They are milled from a solid block of aluminum, eliminating moving parts to distort sound, and have a 2-year warranty. They are not, however, what you would call cheap. If hearing every nuanced detail of the audio in your game  is of less importance to you, and you are more concerned with the possibility of losing a pair of $200 earbuds — consider the offerings from Monoprice. They have terrific reviews and great sound for the money (as of this writing, under $12).


Finally, as seems to be the case (get it?) with nearly every piece of technology, the Nintendo Switch is easily scratched. A scuffed up and cloudy screen can bring the gaming to an end in a jiffy, so a glass screen protector is a good way to get more playable hours out of your device. This is especially true if you intend to put your Switch in your EDC bag without a separate case of its own or if, gasp, you will be placing it in your pocket with your car keys (don’t do this).

The best screen protector for the Nintendo Switch is the amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector. They are thin sheets of plastic that adhere to the screen and not only help protect against scratches and scuffs, but can also make the screen easier to clean. 

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