Best Lightweight Wallet Options

No one idolizes George Costanza, so why would you want to carry his wallet? The market for so-called “minimalist wallets” is thriving, with each company competing against the next to find a design that adds as little bulk and weight as possible. Obviously every individual’s needs differ, so rather than choose one from the bunch, we have provided a quick run down of the best six — slim, (mostly) lightweight, durable, and stylish.

There are a few things that you will want to take in to consideration before making a choice. First among them is material. Does material matter to you, or are you purely looking for the lightest carry? If you are lightweight at any cost, the Radix One Ultralight is the lightest wallet we have found and is made of polycarbonate (read: plastic). If you are not too keen on the plastic sheen, you essentially have canvas, leather and metal to choose from. Within the category of metal wallets, aluminum or alloys are generally going to be the lightest weight — the Machine Era Ti5 weighs just 1.2 ounces and holds 7 cards. Metal wallets are typically marketed as “RFID blocking,” really more a bug than a feature, as the material inhibits (but does not truly “block”) RFID readers.

If you are a 12 or more card carrier, first of all, why? Assuming you can’t cut some of that bloat and squeeze in to something slimmer, you will want to look at the Trayvax Element and the Maxpedition Micro, made of stainless steel/leather and canvas, respectively. The former is hefty at 3.8 ounces but contains a bottle opener, the latter is more of a traditional folding canvas wallet which won’t turn any heads but will get the job done.

The Best Minimalist Wallet Options

Trayvax ElementStainless steel and leather3.8 ounces4.5" tall x 2.8" wide x 0.5 inches deepHolds up to 12 cards, contains bottle opener.
Machine Era Ti5Stainless Alloy1.2 ounces4" tall x 3" wide x 0.4" deepHolds up to 7 cards; ultra light; blocks RFID
Radix One UltralightPolycarbonate0.3 ounces3.5" tall x 2" wide x 0.5" deepHolds 4-10 cards
Jimi Super SlimPolypropylene0.7 ounces4 1/4" tall x 2 5/8" wide x 9/16" deepWater resistant, holds 3 cards per side (6 total)
Maxpedition MicroCanvas0.6 ounces4.5" tall x 3" wide x 0.5" deepHolds 12+ cards
ROCO AluminumAluminum2.0 ounces4.6" tall x 3.1" wide x 0.5" deep Blocks RFID; includes money clip.

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